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Why 3 Brothers Against Duchenne?

romito bro knotThe logo started with the Brotherhood Knot. 

  • For Duchenne families, they are part of a brotherhood, hoping for a cure, connected by the disease.  
  • For Duchenne patients, they are young men and boys, a brotherhood, fighting. 
  • For everyone, connected by a cause, to find a cure, to improve the lives of those living with the disease.

    All connected, all united, brothers in arms, a brotherhood united, a knot holding them together.  

    One of the most anticipated milestones of parenthood is a child’s first step. We watch with pride as our deepest love toddles towards independence. Cheering them on, we think about the changes their simple steps set into motion. Our hearts thrill with the promise of the future.

  • One of the things that makes the Romito Foundation unique is that its president, as well as another family in the Foundation have children living with the disease.   
  • Now think of anticipating your child’s last steps. 

    Parents should never have to contemplate their children’s last steps, not once, not twice, not three times. Yet that is the reality for the Romito and the Horan families.  

    For families living with DMD, every “no” and “can’t” builds a wall between them and their family and friends. 

    “Mom, can I go to the sleepover?”
    “No, there are stairs in that house.”
    “Would your family like to join us for Thanksgiving dinner?”
    “I’m sorry, we can’t. The wheel chair(s) won’t fit into the bathroom, through the doors, go up the stairs...”

    As walls build with each “no” and “can’t” a feeling of being “unconnected” invades the lives of parents and child, alike. The Romito Foundation works to tear these walls down, bringing social, emotional and financial support to families living with DMD.

    You can learn more about DMD through our website or by visiting wikipedia's article.