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Marianne Feighner, Corporate & Media Promotions Director

Marianne Feighner, Social and Media Promotions CoordinatorMarianne produces and distributes press releases, secures sponsorships and so much more. She reaches out to the media and corporate community to secure exposure and sponsorship for Romito fundraisers as well as activities for the Romito Foundation kids.

"I've been a volunteer for several years, but now I'm stepping up to help promote the annual Foundation events to the media, hoping we will draw some attention to our awesome fundraising efforts for our Warriors."

Contact Marianne to learn more about how you or your media outlet or company can help at 303-452-9658.

Use this contact form to reach Marianne directly. If you want more information about The Romito Foundation, please complete this form to send a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.